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Goals Galore was founded in July 2013 by director of coaching Gary Webb with the motto of "shoot for your goals" - summarising the aims of the work delivered.


There are many barriers to leading an active and healthy lifestyle such as cost, negative experiences, lack of provision or lack of confidence.  It was for this reason that Goals Galore was formed, to change perceptions and deliver specialist programmes which make a genuine and sustained impact on the lives of the local community we operate in.


Whilst most sports providers focus on just one area - for example physical fitness, Goals Galore has the experience, professionalism and expertise to cater for all needs across a variety of fields.  This is done through a number of engagement tools such as football, multi sports, workshops, sports consultation, mentoring and most importantly, meeting individual needs.


Goals Galore has vast experience in working to initiate behaviour change in young people aged 3-25, encouraging them to remain engaged in sport to build confidence, raise self esteem and ensure lifelong learning takes place. With many years experience working with hard to reach or potentially disengaged participants from deprived communities, Goals Galore has seen how powerful sport can be as a tool to positively engage participants.  


All sessions are delivered to Goals Galore philosophy, meaning that they are delivered in a fun, safe and secure learning environment to encourage learning.  This philosophy means:

  • All sessions are delivered by sports specialists who have completed national governing body qualifications as well as being CRB/DBS checked, emergency aid and child protection trained
  • Participants are spoken to, NOT shouted at.
  • Participants will develop technically, physically, socially and psychologically. Learning new things is great, but developing all round is even better
  • All sessions will be delivered in a fun, safe, secure and enjoyable learning environment
  • Participants will be encouraged at all times so that self esteem and confidence is developed, sport plays a huge part in developing social skills
  • The programme is fully inclusive and regardless of race, religion, gender, experience, disabilities, learning difficulties or any other barriers that have stopped sports participation previously - EVERYONE is welcome
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